The 2006 recap....Philly style...part 1

So wow...the season over and can we say I feel like I have been on staff for years! Starting in early March "officially" to the season ending tournament in Lake Tahoe, CA....wow...16 tournaments done...with the tournaments increasing to 18 next season! CRAZY! So here is my rookie year on the AVP....

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (March 31-April 2) - Ft. Lauderdale was my rookie event. So imagine waking up and watching a sunrise at 6A...on the Atlantic Ocean. Talk about an amazing start for my new job! The days were hot...the nights were fun...and who doesn't love Florida?!

Northeast National Qualifier (Baltimore, MD - ) - I traveled to Balitmore for my last trip with Mizuno LB. I got to see some dear friends and my east coast family! Even though my team did not play to well, it was an awesome trip!

Lonestar National Qualifier (Dallas, TX -) - This was my first promotion event. I brought Ashley Ivy and Carrie Dodd to do signings for me at my booth. It is always good to get back to Texas!!

Crocs Party - This was a cool event at the West Hollywood House of Blues. I was lucky enough to bring my sister! We also invited Tia & Tamara Mowery...which was awesome because they are great girls!

Tempe, AZ (May 5-7) - This was 2nd event on tour. I had a great clinic that weekend too. Not too much to report here except I got to go to my first after party dressed in AVP gear...interesting...

Santa Barbara, CA (May 18-21) - My first Cali event. Not exactly local, but not exactly far! This was a really fun event. Sharkies was the place to be every night. Met alot of cool players (from Quali's to main draw) too.

Huntington Beach, CA (May 26-28) - My backyard event! It was so awesome to see a ton of my former girls and their families at this event! Plus, being 10 minutes from home is not bad either :)!

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Jamie Petersen said...

YIPPEE!!! Does this mean you'll be around more often in LB?