My Season recap....part 2

Hermosa Beach, CA (June 9-11)This was a long, yet short weekend. Tons of work and tons of fun (Sangria baby)!

Sacramento, CA (June 15-18) - Well...to be honest...not much to say except...ARG...really despised this event..sorry to all my Norcal friends BUT this was a miserable event!

Volleyball Festival (Reno, NV) - This was my first time at this event not coaching or recruiting...so it was interesting! I brought Aaron Wactfogel, Jeff Minc, Michelle More, Suzanne Stonebarger, Brittany Hochevar, and Angela Lewis with me to do autograph signings. Heidi, one of our interns, came along with me to help work the booth..."intern", "boss", and "the talent" came from this weekend :)!

Seaside Heights, NJ (June 29-July 2)This was a cool event for me. With Cheri coming down from upstate New York and my cousin Kat (and her boyfriend John) coming in from Baltimore...it was a mini family weekend! And let me tell you....what you in see New Jersey is something you can't find anywhere...and that is EVERY STEREOTYPE KNOWN TO MAN! It is crazy!

Atlanta, GA (July 6-9)This was a cool stop for me since JO's was finishing up and I got see a bunch of my friends before they flew home. Also, the 4th of July was during my week in ATL...AND I HEART AMERICA'S BIRTHDAY! Also, I got to go to the brand new Georgia Aquarium! It was amazing! They had a Whale Shark aquarium...and they were AMAZING...

Hoover, AL (July 13-16)This event had to my 3rd favorite event of the season. Between the southern hospitality, the quality time with the athletes, and the vball action...it plain rocked! I always knew how fun BW's was...but it rocked there! Haha!

Chicago, IL (July 20-23)This was my 2nd fave event. My room overlooked the Sears Tower. It was gorgeous! From the Field museum to Grant Park to North Beach to the Cubs game at Wrigley...and let's not forget Duffy's! That was a fun night!

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