Part 3 of my whirlwind first season....with one more to come!

Manhattan Beach, CA (Aug 10-13) This tournament is known to be the Grand daddy tourney of them all. The home of Beach volleyball. It was sure nice to be home again for a tournament! Between the stars that came to watch, my friend Amy who came as a potential sponsor, and my friend's wedding in Dad Point...it was a non stop weekend! Did not take too many pics...kinda funny! But whatever! I made up for it in NYC

Brooklyn, NY (Aug 17-20)This had to be the best week of my life! From staying with my HS best friend Kristen in NJ to our last night in NYC...it just plain rocked! I did the whole "Planes, Trains, Automobiles" thing to see my friend Kristen, who lives 30 minutes outside the city...but it was SO COOL! And seeing her, her awesome hubbie, Danny, and their baby, Auggie, was awesome! And for the record...AUGGIE DOGGIE is my 4th fave dog :)! After that I got to see the city and experience things I have never done before! From riding the subway over the Manhattan Bridge (who knew) to going to Coney Island to eating at Pier 17 under the Brooklyn Bridge to riding in a taxi around the island on the water to going to the Budakan for drinks to riding the Cyclone at Coney Island to dancing my life away at Quo! SO MUCH FUN! And one last note...not only was Quo absolutely amazing, but I got to hang with two high school friends there....Jodie and Michelle!

Boulder, CO (Aug 24-27)This was an awesome place to travel to from NYC...the mountains, the clean air, the health freaks? Who knew Boulder was healthier than LA! It is a cute town which reminded me off a Venice, CA meets Austin, TX. The nice thing about this trip is I got to see a college friend who I rarely see anymore! ERIKA! Of course she looks great and her baby is so freaking adorable! :)!

Cincinnati, OH (Aug 31-Sept 3) - The last "regular" stop of the season. This was my first time in the "Nati"and let me tell you...I was shocked at how pretty it was driving into Cinci. It is a beautiful downtown. The event itself was held outside of the city in Mason, Ohio. It was at the Linder Family Tennis Center..a really nice facility.

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