My suprise "Pre" Birthday!!

So this past weekend, my sister Cheri arranged a bday dinner/show for me with my mom, stepmom, & sisters (minus Lori). And as much grief as I gave my sister, I still was suprised!!! All I was told was to dress up...hahaha...so I did that! The evening started off in Boyle Heights (just east of downtown LA in East LA) at La Serenata de Garibaldi for some amazingly authentic mexican food. Great selection of food (good job Cheri). Cheri, Kara, Sarah, Rosa, my mom, and me enjoyed some awesome Cal-Mex cusine.

From there we ventured down the rode into Downtown LA to the Ahmundson Theater
(which I had never been too until Sat night). "The Light in the Piazza" was the Broadway show that my sister got tickets for us to see! And the cool thing was my older sis (and I might add completely HOT sister) got to ditch her kids and come enjoy with us at the theater!

The show is a love story based on a trip to Italia...I think everyone has those summer vacation fantasies so you could relate to this show! And the acting was amazing. So much fun!

And one finally point...I was blessed this weekend (thank you Sarah) with a home for my precious terrier, Sandy. Talk about an answer to prayer. I will forever miss my "Sandra D", but I had to do...so all I can do is pray that she will be forever happy.

Here are some of the photos:

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