A Turkey of a day!

So my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, came and went, like it does every year, but this year had some amazing beginnings! First of all, my mother hosted our family's meal at the house, which is never done. And I think it went fabulously! And because my mom hosted I was able to cook some dishes and give my advise on the turkey (Sage butter is FABULOUS)! From the yams balls, cranberry sauce, sweet potato balls, yams, & the gravy (it was a little bt twisted the way I had to cook that...I had so much fun! Then there was the game Apples to Apples...which I had never played before. SO MUCH FUN! My stepdad's ex-wife (my older brother and sister's mom) brought the game. It was awesome! And I WON!! hahaha!

Then it was off to the next house...my dad's best friend from College....Kelly & Akimi! They have traditional Corn Beef & Cabbage for the meal. YUMMY!

Like I said, another Turkey day has come and gone...the family, the friends, the FOOD...and the thankfulness of everyone involved in my life...

Oh...and can we say....let the countdown begin to my 30th....SCARY! Hahaha!

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