Cheri's Bday in Napa

The trip to Napa was fun, but nothing like our day in the infamous Napa Valley! The day, to start of with, was as absolutely gorgeous. We decided to venture northward and had a mini plan in place. First stop, the Robert Mondavi Winery. Even though this was not a "destination" for us, it turned out to be Alezandra's husbands' fave wine. Here are the photos from that stop.

The next stop was the Peju Winery. This winery was more of a French atmosphere (while Mondavi was a Spanish atmosphere). It was really charming. Once inside I was in heaven...MUSTARDS! Hahahaha! I love mustard and they sold their mustards. I ended up with the sweet garlic and red pepper mustards. Who needed wine? I just completely content with my mustard! :)! Here are photos from that stop.

Next on the list was lunch at the V.Sattui Winery. You could tell that this was a very popular place for food and wine. They had a deli inside that was absolutely fabulous. But, due to the fact it was absolutely crazy in there and they weren't making sandwiches that day we ventured across the street to Dean and Deluca. You can not go wrong in that store. Another fun fact about me is that I LOVE cheese and the cheeses available in both deli's were absolutely amazing! Parmiano Reggiano chunks were around $140; PER CHUNK mind you. But YUMMO (as Rachel Ray would say).

After lunch we head up to the Schramsberg Winery. As we drove up north to this winery we passed one of the infamous Napa signs. You know we had to take a pic in front of it! The funnest part was running across HWY 29. And Cheri HAD to take photos of this...hilarious. After that we headed into the hills on the one lane/two way road to Schramsberg. This winery was breath-taking. The sad thing is we only got a chance to walk around. The last tour left right before we arrived...plus it is a reservation tour, which is good to know for the next time. I am so game to go through their cave system, etc! Here are some pics from this part of our journey.

After that we headed toward the Silverado Winery, but got sidetracked and ended up at the Mumm Winery. It was a great winery to end our day with too. The sunset over the hill in front of us during the champagne tasting and it was amazing.

Last but not least, we ended up eating at a restaurant named Hurley's in Yountville. This town was so cute! I would definitely stay there next time! The service wasn't great here, but my dish was awesome! Butternut squash with prosciutto & mandego cheese. So good! Hahaha!

And here are some more random photos from the weekend....enjoy!!!

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Jamie Petersen said...

Looks like you had a super fun trip! I've been to Peju on a couple occasions for bachelorette mayhem, but never had their mustard- you lucky girl!