The trip to Napa

So Friday was the day we decided to drive to Napa, Ca for Cheri's bday weekend. Her friend Alex, who lives in D.C., flew out on Thurs and drove up with us. Because of that we decided to do an extra bit of girl bonding and took the more scenic route. And talk about an amazing day to do that! We toasted the weekend in Paso Robles at a restaurant called Artisan. It was a modern restaurant with some ultra sheek food! And the wine wasn't bad either :)!

From there we ventured further up the coast to San Fran. I always get chills driving into and out of that marvelous city. The vibe is always so amazing there. Plus it doesn't hurt that the views are always heavenly! We actaully went into the city to go to Ghirardelli square for some chocolate strawberries! No seriously...who is going to say no to that???!!! All we could say was YUMMO (too much Rachel Ray on the brain)! From there we ventured over the infamous and awe inspiring Golden Gate bridge. To me that is a symbol of California. So bold, so beautiful, so amazing!

From there we headed to our hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn-Napa. I would say that the drive through tht country was amazing, BUT it was dark :)! Once we got here we met up with Cheri's two other friends, Lisa & Rinna. We decided to take a "light" dinner over at Fume, along with a couple glasses of wine. Another Yummo (seriously, I need to stop watching so much 30 Minute Meals)!

So now we are going to venture on a day filled with beauty, wine, and good times! Happy Birthday Cheri!!!

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