From Hollywood to "Italy" this past weekend

So, most people who know me know that it takes a lot these days to get me to go out on a Thursday night. Let alone to a party in West Hollywood. But I decided to be BRAVE (hahaha) and venture out. We ended up going to a party that my friend helped organize for a "cover" girl at Les Deux. The trio (Silke, Cheri, and me) hit the town again! And, for the most part, it rocked! There were a ton of B list actors there, with the occasional A- actor (Jonathan Silverman) wrapped into this outdoor/indoor club. But ya know, as long as I am with those two chicas...I am cool! :)!

Friday was a blur (which, for the most part I did not feel well) to me. Saturday rolled along and it was all about the Italian meal my step mom was preparing for Cheri's belated Grad & b'day party. Woohoo! Yummy meatballs & gnocchi's (one of my all time fave meals). Cheri's HS friends, along with some other friends and our mommacita, joined in the festivities...and of course my sisters, Lori & Kara were there :)! Good food and good company!

And a couple side notes....my car hit 100,000 miles yesterday on the 405 North at El Camino....CRAZY! AND Kristen, my high school best friend, sent me a pic from our HS prom. Or should I say STRAIGHT CLASSIC (my new fave saying)!

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