"MVP Like Steve Nash"

So this weekend I was lucky enough to get a 4-day weekend so I could head to the "infamous" Vegas Invitiational. On top of that, the NBA All-Star Game was in Vegas at the same time...can we say CHAOS!
It was awesome to see some people I rarely get to see (Chap's & Hooka...2 of my 5 fave girlfriends in the world), except at these national tourneys (my boys know who they are). But I will say, there were some VERY important people missing from the crazyiness (and you guys know who you are)! And on a side note about going out, I really didn't get to see too many stars, except my friend's friend who is in "Men in Trees" and I should have hung with my friend Gavin, and Mario Lopez on Sat night...BUT NO. I made a bad decision...hahaha.

I must say, it was cool to see Steve Nash at the NBA All Star buffet at the Palms on Sunday morning (thanks Kashi). All I keep singing is the line "...MVP Like Steve Nash" in the song "Promiscious Girl" by Nelly Furtado. I have never claimed to be sane, btw. I really couldn't tell you what other players were there, but I know there were a bunch of current NBA players in the house. Hahaha.

Now it is on to more trips, bigger people, and seeing everyone at various locations! YEA!!! Oh, and I will not forget a camera this next time!!

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