"Gold & Silver er er er..."

So my Valentine's present to myself was going to see the movie "Music & Lyrics". I have been waiting for this movie to come out for a while so it was awesome to see it on opening night! On top of that, being that Drew is my FAVE actress, you know I had to go support! And, even though Hugh is not one of my fave people, he sure knows how to pick some great romantic movies, with some amazing leading ladies! From Notting Hill to 2 Weeks Notice to Bridget Jones Diary (his character ain't may fave, but the movie is amazing)...he has done VERY well in the romantic movie area!

The movie might not have been the most romantic movie I have ever seen (nothing can top Pride and Prejudice), but it made me realize the little things. Quirks can be a plus in someone. And HOW AMAZING IS HUGH AS A SINGER! I am going to buy the album on Itunes tonight! It is not grammy worthy...but it ain't bad either! And "Pop"...wow they nailed the 80's big hair pop thing perfectly! Hahahaha! So go see it if you can!!!

Watch the "Pop Goes My Heart" Video

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