Cheri's Bday Part 3 (the oh la la party)

Ok, so here is the third part of my sister's on going bday bash. This time the party was at Evolve Dance Studios in LA for some pole dancing/burlesque lessons. Yea, can we say a work out? And burlesque is so freaking hard to pull off if you have never done it...it rocked (plus not only did we have a great teacher, but an amazing burlesque dancer herself, Ashley Yano). What was funny was that when we arrived everything was dark (like no one was there yet) so Cheri, Amber, and I headed up these stairs to the studio and the studio was open...so we walked inside. Literally after walking in and setting our stuff down the alarm goes off (talk about an annoyance and a shock). We totally jetted out of there and ran into our instructor walking up the stairs! Too funny!

Anyways, here are some of the pics from the evening :)

Pole Dancing


Group Photos

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