Who Needs Resolutions...I Need Goals!

So it is that lovely time again...GOALS FOR 2009!! I hate resolutions since they are always broken. Right? Anyways...I am writing this so that in 6 months and next NYE I can see how I did! Crazy...

1. Be more open with people about how I feel (so I don't let people both walk all over me or not know how I feel...despite the consequences)

2. Stay in shape and maybe even drop a few more pounds? I am truly happy with how last year's plans shaped for me and I am completely happy with myself...but why not try right?

3. Take more risks...I am a VERY safe person in all areas of my life and in the last 3 months of 08 I took alot of risks that did not always work out, but had fun.

4. See more places for the first time. Last year I ventured to Beijing, Cancun, part of NC, Orlando, & Philly for the first time (leaving no major city in America unseen...woohoo...that was a goal I set in the 90's). This year I would LOVE to see Ixtapa and maybe a few other places that have been put in my path.

5. Be happy with me in ALL areas of my life...period.

6. Go dancing more (Tres trios rides again soon!!)

7. And keep growing in the business world...I have learned so much in 08 and know there is WAY more for me to learn in 09...

*and a brief side note...we are in the 09 year...that is my numero!! Hopefully that number will bring me luck!! Hahaha...


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