An Article For Anyone Who Is or Has Been Injured

So, Emily Podschweit, a former volunteer of mine from 2 years ago in Chicago (along with her sister, Aubrey) had a season ending injury this past fall. She tore her ACL...something that is WAY common for most girls these days. Ironically, I did my master's thesis on female athletes and knee injuries...ANYWAYS, she has been documenting her recovery (the good, the bad, the ugly) for the local paper and prepvolleyball.com. And in the last article, she used some of what I told her via email...talk about humbling. I am honored that she used what I said...and hope she continues to document her recovery and continues to write as she gets older. Great article Emily!!!


This photo is from the finals in Chitown 2007 (taken by Ken Delgado)

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