A Perfect Day

So my fave day in Ixtapa had to be Thursday. We had the morning off so 6 of us headed over to Ixtapa isla. Before we took the water taxi we got see something that most people will never see in there life...salt water Croc's in their "natural" habitat. Yea, seriously right? Makes ya think twice about venturing into the water...haha. The good thing is the crocs are well feed, so they rarely ever venture even onto the beach. let alone in the ocean.

After that we headed to the water taxi so we could get to Ixtapa Isla. Ixtapa Isla is a "touristy" place, but in the most tame way. There are beaches along the island with about 10 restaurants (per cove) where they catch the food and grill it for you there (if you like that sort of thing). And, for the record, I did try LOBSTER...it wasn't TOO bad :)....After eating you could also go snorkeling or ride seadoo's or banana boats...etc. So relaxing. It was great to relax with some amazing peeps. After lunch we ended up going snorkeling (Taylor's first time) in water that was so merky yet FULL of sealife. Makes me excited thinking about snorkeling in Turks again!! Haha...

After the isla trip we had our normal afternoon session...which was followed by an amazing relaxing evening...nuff said there :)

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