From Hollyweird to Cali Advent...all in a day's work!

Wow...Who knew that my Sat would be so adventurous! This was my first Sat off in a long time and I had decided that I would go to Universal Studios to redeem my FREE annual pass (from Cingular). Wow...can we say FUN! All I have to say is THE MUMMY ROCKS! I ended up going on that ride 3 times, along with Jurassic Park once in like 45 minutes...LET ME TELL YOU...GO ON THE MUMMY!!! So much fun! From there I decided to go on the tour ride...which is always fun...and can we say TONS OF COOL PICS!!! I will post some more later!
Later that evening, my friend Beth imed me about going to DLand and I was like HECK YES!! So I ventured from Hollywood to Dland...in the same day!! CRAZY! From the Tower of Terror to the Haunted Mansion...we wondered the two lands! And with the weather and the crowds...we had some photo fun! Hahaha! Who says you can't have fun with cameras!!!

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