It's been a week!

Craziness...so one week ago, i was doing the Universal Studios/DCA/ Dland thing...wow. Another week gone! And in one week I will be in Ft. Lauderdale for the first stop of the AVP! Can you believe that!

So I officially started this week at the AVP office in Westchester. It was long and interesting and great all in one! The bad thing...TRAFFIC....OH MY GOSH! Wow...I really have been spoiled working close to my home. Ya know?

So let's do a recap...last sat was US/DCA/Dland, sun was a tourney in Oceanside, mon was my first day on the job (had a "official" staff meeting from the start), tues was my CRAZY day with work, weights, and vball all rolled into one, wed was Media Day at the AVP (and then Misty was awesome and made me dinner), thurs was work with weights, and friday was work with volleyball (and I misssed the bank closing by 5 minutes...ARG). GOOD TIMES! Hahaha! So it is off to Dland/DCA with Jammers today! YEA!!! My next post should be full of fun pics!! YEA!

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