Look under your seats for those 3D glasses...haha

Things these days have been both amazing and COMPLETELY stressful! Yesterday was an uneventful day, yet I was completely out of my mind figuring out what I need to do in my career life. So when I got the call at 5:30p to go meet a former player and her sis (Maddie and Lindsey) at DCA I was REALLY tempted. And knowing that I would have to miss a club volleyball practice, I really thought about saying no (which normally I would do within 5 seconds). So...basically I ended up at DCA! And it was amazing! So cold out there...but so fun! You know (if you TRUELY know me) that I HAD to go on the Tower first...PERIOD. Being with 2 high schoolers they taught me some new tricks...and you will see some DEMENTED, yet fun, pictures from my night! So...here is my first pic...off the tower... GOOD TIMES! Can we say that I look like I am DEMON POSSESSED! We also had some fun talking to Crush ("Remember fish are our friend, not food") and creating our alter egos on the book...I was Nala this time. But the greatest thing to come out of there was this pic...hahaha... :)! From there we ventured over to the "Maliboomer"! And can I add those chickens did not want to go on the moving ferris wheel?! CHICKENS! Hahaha! Anyways, back to the Maliboomer...so if you get lucky, you can great an amzing view of both parks on the way up and down...and it all depends on which part of the ride you get on. Well, we got the good view side...so beautiful! From there we ventured back to Cali Screaming. I have always said that at night Dland rides go faster...and I believe that is true at DCA too. That was the funnest ride I have EVER had on that roller coaster! We posed for this pic ! From there we hit Mullholland Maddness and ventured back to Soaring over Cali. That is one ride that definetly brings the pride out of being a Californian. Not a SoCali or Norcali resident...but a Cali resident. Just beautiful.

Walking back to my car, I really started to realize that I need someone in my life (in the future) that is adventurous and fun. I am an outgoing person that likes to have fun, and do STUPID things and at the same time likes to curl up next to fire or sit on a secluded beach somewhere tropical. And not that i think like this a lot, but this month I have had the opportunity to think about it. I am also reading a book that makes you think about what you want. It is REALLY nice to realize this before entering my 30 year! Hahaha! One day Mr. Darcy will appear (or reappear) for me...and until then I am just going to keep having fun....

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