Yet another day at the "Happiest Place on Earth"

Yesterday was amazing. Both parks...singing next to one of the most amazing singers ever :)...JAMIE
, some awesome winetasting, a couple of haunted ghosts, and my fave part, KICKING JAMIE'S BUTT AT ASTROBLASTERS!

Let's start our journey right...so we entered DCA first and decided to get some fabulous fresh flour tortillas at the Mission Tortilla factory ("MASECA") and then ventured over to the Animation studios where we got to see who our inner "character" was, sing with the movies, talk with Crush, and listen to the disney masterpieces on giant screens! After, I ran to Tower (cause we all know about my obession) and then went wine tasting
. SO MUCH FUN! I learned a TON from Jammers
and the guy working the tasting. The 6 "S"'s are totally new to me...but it was REALLY cool to start to learn how to actually taste the wine.

After our winetasting we headed over to Disneyland. Our friend Steven, from the gathering, was working
and we decided to go and find him. Well, he actually found us...so that was cool. From there we left the park to go eat at the House of Blues
After dinner we walked back to the park and went over to the Astroblasters...hahahaha! And I kicked Jamie's butt! :)! After that we went shopping on Main Street. Then we went over to the Haunted Mansion (which, by the way, is finally back open) and took a trip through that quaint and joyful house ("Hurry back...Hurry back...we've been dying to have you")
. GOOD TIMES! We knew that Fastamic was going to be coming soon so we ventured over to find a spot...but then realized we could miss the fireworks if we did not get out of fantasmic fast enough...so we left and found some great seats for the show...but "due to high wind at the upper levels" the show was cancelled...:(. But...all in all it was an amazing day!!!

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