A Firedrill brings it all back!

So at 8:30A this morning we had a firedrill at the Sheraton hotel I am staying at. Mind you there are 25 floors in the hotel...so a slightly small hotel! I was not sure if it was real so I called the front desk and they said come down...so I grabbed my key (and not my new laptop or expensive camera or my purse) and headed for the stairs. Let me tell you...walking down 21 flights of stairs was definitely not fun. As we kept turning and turning, all I could think about was 9-11. Imagining those people in both towers running down 50 flights or more...or the fireman running up those stairs...and then what happened next... It was definitely a sombering moment. All this on the day after our nation's holiday (which was rained out due to a severe storm...but we had god's fireworks so I dealt...and DLAND fireworks will always be around).

And for those who are wondering what happened...well, there was a fire up above me on the 25th floor and there is flood damage in the hotel...on my floor...so guess who is relocating! hahahahaha! Welcome to Atlanta and have a nice day!

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