"The Windy City is Mighty Perty"

Now who can remember that line??!! Anyone Anyone? Bueller? Hahahaha...Lolo can! It is Calamity Jane signing (Doris Day) in the movie...such a great movie. Anyway, my first day in Chitown was awesome. I did some work and then broke that up with some site seeing adventures! And some shopping on Michigan AVE. NICE RIGHT?!

Ok, so my first lil adventure was to my FAVE museum (from the outside of course)...the Field. For those who did not know, I became obessed with the building when the movie "The Relic" came out. The building is SO capitvating. So I decided that had to be my first place to see. Well, our hotel (Hilton Garden Inn) is located next to the Red line and that goes to the museum campus. Well, I decided to get off a few exits before the museum area and walk through the Millenium and Grant parks. And WOW. Talk about a beautiful park area. So many sites there in the view...from the Navy Pier to the Grant Park fountain, to the HUGE Sears Tower, and finally leading to the "relic" of them all...THE FIELD! As I made my way closer, I saw the Shredd Aquarium (one day I will go there) and then walked around the Field and saw SOLDIER FIELD (da bears)! That was cool! I wanted to go inside the King Tut exhibit, but tickets were sold out so I just ventured inside the regular museum...which rocked! It is a natural history museum so they had animal exhibits, africa exhibits, an "underground" exhibit, and much more. The actually had a full size Whale Shark hanging and I just laughed because I saw the real thing in ATL!

From the museum I headed back to my hotel to work for a few hours and then decided to go up to Michigan Ave to go shopping! And let me tell you...good times! So many stores so little time! From the Hershey Store to Express...ummm...I was HAPPY! We did the entire "magnificent mile" and ended up at the River.....so pretty!!!

The next day I had the opportunity to see a once in a lifetime baseball game at the infamous Wrigley Field...with two legends pitching aganist each other. With both of there records put together they have the most wins in the history of the game...oh, did I mention is was Clemens vs. Maddox! The AVP marketing team went as a group...and we sure did have fun! And not to mention the awesome seats we had!

And let me finish this blog with a few pics from my clinic. Our AVP site was on North ave beach...So amazing! The Hancock building was so close you could "touch" it...and not to mention how beautiful Lake Michigan was!

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Jamie Petersen said...

GREAT pictures! I love the one of you and the Hershey Bar! (New profile pic???)