A bridal shower, bday bash, & dinner at Vejas...oh my!

So this weekend to most people was the "volleyball holiday" in Manhattan Beach, known as the infamous 6-man. And I decided to stay far away from the beach...and instead of the crazyness up there I started my weekend by going to my friend Cristy's bridal shower at the Maribella Country Club in South County. And can we say posh? Hahaha! It was really nice. Anyways, it was awesome to see my dear friend (who I rarely get to see) before her wedding next weekend. At the shower were her close friends and co coaches...which was cool since I dont get to see any of them all to much! Anyways, it was a great start to a relaxing weekend!

After that I headed back to LB to meet my sis, Jamie, and Silke for Silke's bday bash at gaslamp...it was cool. And then yesterday we (my dad, Cheri, Kara,
and me) headed down to San Diego, to Viejas Casino to meet our aunt Chloe for dinner. And let's just say the ride down there was HILARIOUS...and then the VIP bathroom...the pictures tell some of the story...good times with mi hermanas!!

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