From Manhattan Beach to Dana Point

So this weekend was the Grand daddy of all beach volleyball tournaments...the Manhattan Beach Open. For those who have not been to MB...it is a cute,upscale beach community that is the home of beach volleyball. Everyone likes to win titles...but EVERYONE wants to win the MB open title. If you win, your team is placed on a plaque on the pier. And of course celebrities come out too. From Adrian Bellini (Passions) to Rachel Hunter (model) there were some hot people out on the sand! Others who came out included Laird Hamilton (World Famous Surfer), Galen Gerring (Passions), Kristina Loken (T3), Ali Landry (Ms. USA/Doritos Girl), Antonio Sabato Jr (Calvin Klein model/TV star), and Jim Caviziel
(Passion of the Christ, Count of Monte Christo), who I did not even realize I handed VIP bands to (since I focused on another customer). Nice huh! Hahaha! The tourney was awesome...great weather, great vball...who can ask for more!

My good friend Cristy also got married on Sat in South County. Her and her new hubby are the Santa Margarita high school volleyball coaches. The reception was at the Dana Point Yacht club, which was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!! And of course Chapman looked beautiful!
Her dress was the prettiest dress I have ever seen too!

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