The rest of NYC...There are no words!!!

As I state in the title...really, no words can describe how long our days were and how much fun we had! BUT I CAN TRY....

So Thurs morning we always have the qualifier, which I was in charge of...and i have amazing interns who check the people in...Anyways, talk about a very long day...first to be there and last to leave...gotta love my thursdays! Anyways, at the end of the day we had our clinic.It rocked! After that was over we headed back to the city in a trolley...yes, a trolley. Me, Dane, Kirston, and Anthony...the view once you were in the view of the statue was amazing. Once we got back to the hotel we decided where we were going to eat. Also, my friend flew into town that day so she joined us for dinner. We decided on Pier 17. GREAT DECISION! For those who have never been there...wow...really amazing at night! It is underneath the tall ships, next to the brooklyn brige, and has a backdrop of downtown behind it! We ate on the water too. I have never eaten at a prettier place! What a way to end the day!

Fri was a great day...but nothing too exciting happened...Sat on the other hand was awesome! On one our breaks, Me, Mary, Marcia, and Melissa went over to ride the infamous Cyclone! And let me tell you... it lives up to its name! It is the oldest wooden roller coaster in America. And where it lacks in height, it makes up in freakiness! You just don't know if you are going to stay on the track! Too much fun! And for the night..well, I had it off so we decided to get a group together and go out...NYC style! Me and my friend,Pepa, helped arrange a club where we could have an "unofficial" players party...CAN WE SAY TOO MUCH FUN! I have never had tht much fun ever I think. Talk to me personally I will tell you about it. So much fun!

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