From Hotlanta to Sweet Home Alabama...

Well, I must apologize for not writing sooner...but let me tell you...it is smoking HOT here in the Dirty South! Hahahaha!

Let's start with Hotlanta...I spent a week in midtown Atlanta...which was awesome. When I first got there I went downtown to the Junior Olympics. It was awesome to see my former players and coaches down there. And they have a great subway too...which was a bonus for me (can we say cheap fare!!!)! Anyways, I also got to see the GA aquarium...which is the largest in the world...and has WHALE SHARKS!! Freaking gorgeous too! The aquarium itself was bright, clean, crowded and very interesting!

Now I am in Birmingham, Alabama...actually I am in Hoover at the Hoover Metropolitian Stadium. The Barons play here...and this is the double A team that Micheal Jordan played for during his brief baseball stint. Kinda cool and yet very random! Hahaha! Actually, this area has been cool...but a soooooooooo hot. There are no words...except MISERABLE!! Hahaha! So it is off to Chi town in a few days...can't wait too! I am hearing that I might be going to the Cubs vs. Astros game...and maybe going to the Journey/Def Lep concert...now, that would be cool!!!!

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