Moving onto Atlanta...aka Hotalanta!

Ok, one more time...

So I wrote this LONG blog about this weekend and it mysterious vanished!! ARG! Hahaha! So here goes again. This weekend was a blast in a couple of ways. First of all, if anyone has to the Jersey Shore...well, let me say that it is its own world!!! PERIOD! Wow. Imagine every funny stereotype tht you can make...I swear it is there! From Guido central, to wifebeaters galor, to gold chains/belts/etc, to mullets (oh yea...I am not talking about just one), to double E sized breasts in little tanks...oh yea, I can go on FOREVER!! Hahahaha! It was definitely interesting!

Seaside Heights, NJ is a beach town that has an extensive boardwalk, 2 different casino piers, tons of fried foods (fried oreos, fried PB&J, etc), tons of grease period, lots of BAD motels (thank goodness we stayed across the intercoastal in Tom's River), and more! CRAZY! The AVP site was located between the two casino piers so you know I had to ride something...and did we ever ride something! The four of us (Meg, Kat, Cheri, and me) rode the skyscraper...and let me tell you it was named that for a reason. It went about 800 ft in the area, while flipping over and over!!

On the same not as above...SH, NJ was awesome because my sis, Cheri, drove down from Syracuse, NY to spend a few days with me! Along with her, my cuz, Kat, and her boyfriend John came up from Baltimore for a day/night. It so totally rocked! They got VIP
on Sat night and Sunday (and hopefully loved it)! I was pretty stoked on that too! On top of that I got to spend some quali time with Misty and her dad, Butch. Me, Cheri, Butch, and Misty had sushi last night (in this amazing lightening storm too...YEA). It was night to eat with her and just be friends and not staff and player :)

So that was my weekend on the Jersey Shore...Good times!! Hahaha! Now I am off to hotlanta! Woohoo! So 3 more cities to go and then I am home!!! Woohoo! :)! And did I forgt to mention that Misty & Kerri won??!!

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