The Grand Slam of Beach Vball

So the Manhattan Beach AVP stop came and went this past weekend. This tournament is ultimately the biggest and most profiled beach tournament in the country...and the hardest tournament to get volunteers too!! So, Thurs night, I was a little bit nervous about numbers!! But, like my clinic on Thurs night, I was pleasantly surprised! Numbers were AWESOME!!

One highlight of the weekend was the Hilton party on Friday night at Shade. I came straight from the beach, but still made it this year!! Love my Hilton/PR peeps!! This weekend was also Misty's surprise 30th bday bbq. I was glad that I was able to make it with all of her extended family! But one of my fave memories (and one of the top throughout the season...maybe right behind eating dinner in charleston) was sitting at the table with the 2 best setters of all time (MMT & Debbie Green-Vargas, who is one of the sweetest people I know) and Troy Tanner! :).

Off to Boston this weekend...followed by NYC baby!! CAN'T WAIT!

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