Taking a Bite Out of the Big Apple!

So before I start on my adventure in the lovely city of New York, I want to thank marvelous friends for letting me say with them! It was a well needed 36 hours of relaxation and good comapny! D & K you both rock....and I heart your baby!! My doggie nephew rules! :)

Now, lets get back to the day at hand...good times in the city! :)! My day started off with a train ride back to Penn Station at 5:40A...of course (Kris you will love this), being tired I hopped on the Hoboken train first and had to do my first transfer (with suitcases mind you) on the NJ transit! Hahaha! One stop later I was on the Penn Station bound train :). And from Penn Station I hoped back on the LIRR to Jamaica and on to the HGI JFK. When I arrived there my sis, Cheri, was waiting for me in the lobby. She took a redeye in from LB because she has a conference in the city. We got our room and crashed for a couple hours :)

Now our hotel is by JFK and no where by a subway line...so let's just say that it is an adventure (with a lot of patience) to get to the subway!! Haha. You have to take the Airport shuttle to Federal Circle and hop on the Airtrain...which will take you to Jamaica or Howard Beach where you can grab the subway. Me and Cheri choose the Howard Beach route so we could start our adventure on the lower West side of the island.

We decided to head to Chelsea Market so that I could see where the Food network studios were. But before we went there Cheri had to make an appointment at Blow, a hairblow blowout place. Cheri SWEARS by it! CLASSIC RIGHT? After that the market was 2 blocks away. So we walked over and as we were walking (and I was talking on the phone at this time) we walked by Kristen Johnson (3rd Rock from the Sun) walked by us...Cheri totally nudged me and I only saw her back, but just started laughing! Classic right? So we entered Chelsea Market, a upscale market in the meatpaking district. So cute in there! Apparently, MLB, Oxygen network, & the Food Network have places in that building. So we walked around and grabbed something to eat. YUMMO!

From there we hopped back on the subway so we could check out the hotel/convention that Cheri was attending. It was in Times Square (which is one of the 2 places I need to visit everytime I am in NYC) at the Marriott Marquis. Such a beautiful hotel AND next to MTV...classic! We had to have fun in the elevator system...hehehee!

After we walked around there we headed to Rockefeller (the other place I need to see everytime I am in town). SO BEAUTIFUL! Winter or Summer! We kept moving towards 5th Ave..oh the shopping and money loss that can occur on that street! Hehehe! We kept walking north on 5th ave towards the marvelous Central Park. I had wanted to take a rowboat on one of the lakes (next to the Bethedsda Fountain...but it was misting....so it was a no go...:(. BUT we at least had a drink along the lake at the Boathouse Central Park.

We then met up with my Co-worker, Fitz, and Jobe (a Crocs employee) in the park and headed to dinner in the Upper East Side at Piu Piu (a Peruvian joint). YUMMO! After that we headed downtown to Union Square and hit the other Grey Dog for a drink and a cookie...hehehe!

After that we headed home on our long ride...wow...it was long too!! But a great day was had FOR SURE! Cheers to NYC!!

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